ABTEC  Pseudo Chitinase  (100 ml)

ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase (100 ml)

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1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus is a chitinase induced liquid formulation of Pseudomonas flourescens. In addition to all the benefits of ABTEC Pseudo , ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus has the added benefit of controlling soft tissue pests.

Pseudomonas fluorescens (chitinase induced)     

2 × 108 cfu/ml.

ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus contains microbes that are grown in the presence of chitin as a nutrient source. So these microbes produce chitinase enzyme to use this substrate. High chitinase activity makes the culture more potent against plant pathogens and provides effective control against plant diseases. The chitinase helps to penetrate the chitin layer of soft tissue pests making them more vulnerable to the lytic enzymes and antibiotics produced by Pseudomonas sp.

Highly effective against the fungal diseases caused by Phytophthora sp., Pythium sp., Sclerotium sp., Rhizoctonia sp., and Fusarium. Control of fungal diseases of rice, quick wilt and pollu diseases of black pepper, foot rot and leaf spot diseases of betel vine, fungal diseases of vanilla, capsule rot and chenthal diseases of cardamom, spot rot of ginger and turmeric, different fungal and viral diseases of vegetables etc.

ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus is mainly used for direct soil application. It can be used for seed treatment and foliar spraying. Apply in wet soil as basal dose along with organic manure and refresh it periodically along with organic manure. The normal dosage of ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus is 10 ml/l per plant.

Seed treatment: For seeds mix 10 ml ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase
Plus / kg of seeds. Seedlings or planting setts can be dipped for 30 min @ 250 - 500 ml per 50 to 60 litre water before planting. After each treatment allow the seed / seedling / sett to dry in shade for 30 minutes before planting.

Soil Application: Mix 2 litre ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus (for 1 acre) with 200 kg ABTEC Super Organic Manure or Farm Yard Manure and apply in moist soil / base of trees.

Foliar Spray: Mix 500 ml ABTEC Pseudo Chitinase Plus in 50 litres of water and spray on the foliage during evening hours.
Product Specifications
Shelf Life 12 Months
Formulation Liquid
Packing 100 ml

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