ABTEC PGPR - I (500 gm)

ABTEC PGPR - I (500 gm)

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ABTEC PGPR - I is a consortium of different beneficial microbes which is designed to provide total nutrition to the plants throughout their lifecycle, without the disadvantages of chemical fertilizers. ABTEC PGPR - I is available only in wettable powder formulation.

A consortium of beneficial microorganisms.

2 × 107 cfu/g.


ABTEC PGPR - I is constituted of a consortium of microbes which aid in nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilisation, potassium mobilization as well as producing phytohormones like auxin and cytokinin, enzymes and metabolites which aid in plant growth and development during the cropping cycle. ABTEC PGPR - I also contains naturally occurring biostimulants, osmoregulators, trace elements like selenium, molybdenum, vanadium, protein hydrolysates and bio active humic and fulvic substances. They help to boost the growth and flowering of crops significantly.


All crops including cereals, vegetables, plantation crops and ornamental plants.


ABTEC PGPR - I is mainly used for direct soil application, along with good organic manure. Normal dosage is 20 - 50 g / plant. ABTEC PGPR - I is also used for seed treatment.

Seed Treatment: Seed treatment @ 1 - 2 kg in 40 to 50 litre /ha for 30 minutes before transplanting. Seedlings or planting setts can be dipped for 30 min @ 1 - 2 kg per 10 to 20 litre water before transplanting.

Broadcasting / Soil Application: Soil application @ 20 Kg/Acre after mixing with 250 to 375 kg of ABTEC Organic Manure or Farm Yard Manure. For nursery bed apply @ 2 Kg / 10 cents of nursery bed twice a year. Per plant apply 20 gm for all crops. For fruit trees and vines directly apply at root zone early in season @ 50 g/litre of water.

Product Specifications
Shelf Life 6 Months
Formulation Powder
Packing 1 Kg

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