ABTEC LOM (Liquid Organic Manure) 100ml

ABTEC LOM (Liquid Organic Manure) 100ml

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1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ABTEC LOM (Liquid Organic Manure), is a plant growth promoter rich in organic matter and all essential plant nutrients. It is 100% organic and ecofriendly.
ABTEC LOM is a liquid formulation of naturally occurring humic, fulvic and amino acids. This botanical supplement also contain various functional groups like carboxyl, carbonyl, phenolic and alcoholic.


ABTEC LOM works as a catalyst for both soil regeneration and plant growth. ABTEC LOM contains quinoid group thereby increasing the rate of chlorophyll synthesis, which in turn increases the rate and efficiency of photosynthesis. This enhances plant growth, thus increasing the yield from plant. The other functional groups and organic matter present in ABTEC LOM improve the fertilizer efficiency, root vitality, moisture holding capacity of soil and stimulate beneficial microbial activity. They also improve plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.


All crops including cereals, vegetables, plantation crops and ornamental plants.


ABTEC LOM is mainly used as a foliar spray. The normal dosage is
3 - 5 ml/litre of water.

Foliar spray: Apply 3 - 5 ml/litre of water and completely spray the plant from top to bottom. For small plants this can be used for 3 - 4 plants. For aged grown up trees the dosage cam be increased to about 10ml / litre of water per tree.

Broadcasting / Soil Application: Mix 10ml of ABTEC LOM in 10 litre water for soil drenching.

Product Specifications
Shelf Life 24 Months
Formulation Liquid
Packing 100 ml

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