ABTEC Grow Bag (Small)

ABTEC Grow Bag (Small)

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1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONUV stabilized ABTEC Grow Bag is very convenient for terrace farming especially for growing vegetables. It lasts long and are very useful in urban area where availability of land is a limiting factor in farming. ABTEC Grow Bags come in three sizes - big, medium and small.

To fill ABTEC Grow Bag - Small, 4 - 5 kg potting mixture is required. During the bag filling process when it is half filled, add 100 g Bone meal and 20 g VAM as it boosts the growth of plants in the bag, and add the remaining potting mixture on top until the bag is filled upto three quarters of it's holding capacity. The bags should be filled only upto three quarters of it's  holding capacity. Also it is better to repack the bags every 6 months.

ABTEC Grow Bags can be filled by two options ; either by using ABTEC Potting Mixture or by using normal method. 

1. Grow bags can be filled using ABTEC Potting Mixture. ABTEC Potting Mixture is an excellent plant growing medium due to it’s superior water / moisture retaining capacity, capacity to maintain good air circulation and supports the growth of beneficial microbes and earthworms.

2. The other method to fill grow bags is to mix top soil (well decomposed farmyard manure), well treated coirpith compost and cowdung in the ratio 2 : 1 : 1, and use this mixture to fill the bags.

Product Specifications
Dimension 30cmx16cmx16cm

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