ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculate (1 Kg)

ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculate (1 Kg)

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ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculite offers several advantages as a hydroponic medium for plant growth over the conventional soil, some of these benefits are: 

1.The presence of oxides of various metals (magnesium, potassium, aluminum and iron), which makes it ideal biostimulant plant growth.

2. It's high water absorption (up to 500%), allows you to keep an optimum soil moisture regime, even in conditions of prolonged drought.

3. Improve the structure of both light and heavy soils.  

4. Create the optimal air-water regime of soils.

5. Significantly stimulate the growth of plants.

6. Reduce the acidity and salinity of the soil by 8 -14%.

7. Increase the efficiency of fertilizers.

8. Reduce root rot.

9. Increase safety and productivity of crops by 10 - 17%.


Vermiculite is a hydrous, silicate mineral that expands greatly when heated. Exfoliation occurs when the mineral is heated sufficiently, and the effect is routinely produced in commercial furnaces.


1 kg, 15 kg.

ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculite is mainly used for making soil - less hydroponic medium for plant growth. For this take 1 part ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculite, 1 part Perlite and 3 parts Coirpith compost and mix together. ABTEC Exfoliated Vermiculite can also be added to soil to increase the aeration and water holding capacity of soil.

Product Specifications
Shelf Life NA
Formulation Powder
Packing 1 Kg

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