ABTEC Beauveria (1 Kg)

ABTEC Beauveria (1 Kg)

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1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ABTEC Beauveria contains the spores and mycelial fragments of an entomopathogenic fungus called Beauveria bassiana which is used for controlling insect pests worldwide. It is also called "white muscardine fungus". ABTEC Beauveria is available in both wettable powder and liquid formulation.

                                           Beauveria bassiana    
2 × 10cfu/g.

3  MODE OF ACTION The spore of Beauveria bassiana when comes in contact with the skin of the target insect pest, it germinates and grows directly through the spiracle into the inner body of the host. The fungus proliferates in the insect's body, draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it in about 7 to 10 days. ABTEC Beauveria infects the insect with contact and do not need to be consumed by the host to cause infection.  ABTEC Beauveria helps to increase productivity by improving the crop health through containing the pests. ABTEC Beauveria is eco friendly and helps to maintain the ecological balance.

ABTEC Beauveria effectively controls pests belonging to Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera families such as borers, cut worms, root grubs, leaf hoppers, white flies, aphids, thrips, mealybug, pseudo weevil of banana etc.


ABTEC Beauveria is used for foliar spray and soil application. The normal dosage is 20 g per plant.
Soil Application: Mix 3 - 5 kg ABTEC Beauveria with 200 kg organic manure and apply uniformly to moist soil (1 acre). For tree crops mix 20 g with 1 kg organic manure and apply at the base.
Foliar Spray: Mix 10 kg ABTEC Beauveria in 500 litres of water per hectare and spray on the foliage during evening hours. Use the spray solution as a direct spray targeting the pests on the undersides of the leaves.
Drip Irrigation: 
ABTEC Beauveria can be mixed @ 20gm /litre of water. After filtering it can be incorporated into the soil through the drip irrigation system during the pre or post planting stage. Apply preferably in the early morning or during the late evening hours. 

Product Specifications
Shelf Life 6 Months
Formulation Powder
Packing 1 Kg

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